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Unleash the power of AI to deliver a B2C-like checkout experience for your parts search business.

The global e-commerce Aftermarket e-commerce is immense and widely expected to grow. For the aftermarket parts industry, research projects growth to be from $42.5 billion in 2020 to $132.75 billion by 2028, a CAGR of 15.3%. Are you ready for growth in 2024? This ebook enables you to deliver a B2C-like experience for your customers to boost sales. 

This eBook contains valuable insights and tactics to boost your customer service conversions online by enhancing customer experience, empowering customers to search, find, and buy, and building trust and confidence.

If you and your teams are looking for answers on how to grow your aftermarket e-commerce, this eBook is a great resource to learn how to: 

  1. Make Buyers Smarter with an AI-Powered Search: 
    Help your customers find their products by serial number, AI-powered image search, and enable navigation by assembly to sub-assembly.
  2. Enable Anyone to Easily Search, Find and Buy Parts:
    Allow your customers to easily narrow their product searches by image rather than text.
  3. Lower Cart Abandonment Rates: 
    Build trust and confidence with customers. Empower customers to interact, spin, and manipulate 3D renderings to get a visual feel of their product to increase conversions.

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Who Should Read this Ebook?

Aftermarket sales and marketing leaders, manufacturers, distributors, and field service technicians searching for ways to keep up with customer expectations for a swift, frictionless, and efficient checkout e-commerce process. Others interested in our visualization can boost their sales process would also benefit. 

Why This Ebook is a Must-Read for Manufacturers?

This eBook dives into detail that addresses key challenges aftermarket spare parts, OEMs, distributors, and manufacturers face, such as customer dissatisfaction resulting from incorrect orders, high rate of returns, and high pre-sale phone support labor. How can leaders keep up with it all? Download the eBook to find out.