Digital Work Instructions for Manufacturers Resource Guide

Strategies to pilot a successful digital work instruction initiative.

In a tightened labor market, the cost and time required to acquire new workers, train, and enhance existing employees' abilities, and accomplish your manufacturing goals is becoming increasingly difficult. You are constantly confronted with questions like:

  1. How do I train my skilled workers?
  2. How do I support my workers on the factory floor?
  3. How do I capture tribal knowledge?

We have compiled resources to guide you through.  

Strategic ways to start thinking about how to implement a successful digital work instructions program for your team without breaking the bank. Make the performance of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) tasks easy to remember, repeat, and execute. In this eBook, you'll discover:  

  1. The context, rationale, and benefits of 2D or 3D digital work instructions. 
  2. A step-by-step guide through the process of implementing a successful work instruction pilot.
  3. How to identify the right use case scenarios for digital work instructions

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Our customers experienced the value of upgrading from PDF to digital work instructions. Learn why PDF files, Word or Excel is not the greatest way to achieve operational excellence by downloading our free resource guide. 

Get your team ready for the NEXT manufacturing disruption with digital work instruction.

Our cutting-edge 3D Work Instructions ensure your training yields optimal benefits for your workforce and trainers. It’s time to transform training in the manufacturing environment by leveraging 3D and Augmented Reality technologies.

Access supplementary resources to enhance your training strategies for optimal team performance.

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Belvac Client Story

PRODUCT SHEET: CDS Mentor for Digital Work Instructions

CDS Mentor for digital work instructions digitizes tribal knowledge and helps you to train and enable skilled workers build and repair industrial equipment anytime and at anywhere. Download a product sheet without an email. 


CLIENT STORY: Belvac Leverages Digital Work Instructions to Improve Employee Productivity

ESG's challenge was streamlining a slow, error-prone manual aftermarket order process for dealers and their customers to minimize equipment downtime and revenue loss. Their solution? Read the case study to find out.